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    Directions: The short passage below is followed by a question based on its content. Answer the question on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage.

    The ancients who were well versed in Reason did not thereby enlighten the people; they intended thereby to make them simple-hearted. Spiritual virtue, verily, is profound. Verily, it is far-reaching. Verily, it is to everything reverse. But then it will procure great recognition. Now a man is great only because he resembles the unlikely. Did he resemble the likely, how lasting indeed, would his mediocrity be! I have three treasures which I cherish and prize. The first is called compassion. The second is called economy. The third is called not daring to come to the front in the world. The compassionate can be brave; the economical can be generous; those who dare not come to the front in the world can become perfect as chief vessels. Now, if people discard compassion and are brave; if they discard economy and are generous; if they discard modesty and are ambitious, they will surely die. Now, the compassionate will in attack be victorious, and in defence firm. Heaven when about to save one will with compassion protect him. Is not heaven`s Reason truly like stretching a bow? Those who have abundance it depleteth; those who are deficient it augmenteth. Man`s Reason is not so as he depletes the deficient to serve those who have abundance.

    What is the theme of the passage?

    Options :-

    1. A man who is unlikely receives respect from the society.
    2. Everyone aspires for these three treasures - compassion, economy and modesty.
    3. The ancients were good preachers of spiritual virtue.
    4. Divine rationale transcends hominal ratiocination.
    5. None of these
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