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    Directions: The last sentence in the following passage has been deleted. Select the sentence, out of the available options, that best suits the end of the passage.

    Culturally, Mexico belongs to Latin America. It shares language, a tradition and a religion with the 20 countries that make up this area of the world. But Mexico is used to looking north. Very few Mexicans ever travel to the rest of Latin America. In contrast, millions cross the border with the U.S. every year. The proximity has created an often-uncomfortable love-hate relationship between Mexico and the United States. Mexican nationalism has been built on a rejection of the U.S. Mexican children are taught in school that the U.S. is the ever present villain in their country’s history. They are reminded that Americans, unfairly and violently, took half of the national territory in the mid 19th century. Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona and a portion of Utah would today be a part of Mexico if it were not for the independence of Texas in 1835 and the U.S. – Mexican war of the 1847-1848. Many political activists in Mexico still see the U.S. as the single most important force dragging the country down and preventing its full development.

    Options :-

    1. Even the staunchest Mexican nationalists, however, are inevitably drawn to the U.S.

    2. The proximity, of course, has had its rewards.

    3. There has lately been a remarkable shift in the Mexican nationalism and the country has drawn closer to the U.S

    4. But at the same time it has been able to maintain close cultural Iinks with the rest of Latin America.

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