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    Directions: Read the passage carefully and gives answer of questions.

    Cinema’s appearance on the screen as a product of technology was not as abrupt as it seems. A few of the existing art forms were incorporated into it. Some other art forms such as the shadow puppet theatre in South India, anticipated filmic entertainment. Thus the prehistory of cinema would include all the precursors of movies and other arts related to it, such as music, photography and the company drama. While working out the prehistory of a cinema, the film historian has to trace these connections, ‘what is related to what’ the close interaction between politics and cinema in south India is another factor in evoking academic curiosity towards this medium. At a different level, films are increasingly being recognized as a source of historical information and scholars from varied disciplines are dipping their hands into cinema.
    I would like to argue that for most of the difficulties encountered by the film historian in India, there is a common origin; the conventional attitude to cinema as entertainment medium. The respectability given to traditional art forms such as music and dance was not extended to cinema. Though this phenomenon of Stigmatizing Cinema has been observed in other countries also it is much more accentuated in India because of the rigid stratification of the society on the basis of caste we have to see the problem relating to film industry in the context of this elitist apathy the film that were made and screen work and care for after the first one over the print was lost it was only after half a century of filmmaking in India that the need the preserve film was felt

    Cinema is a product of Technology. How? 

    Options :-

    1. As it include music photography and the company drama

    2.  As it is the outcome of many scientific applications

    3. Both the old traditions and the scientific assistance

    4. Not properly clear 

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