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    Directions:  Read the passage/argument and answer the question that follows it.

    The most irksome contributors to the Wikipedia, globally the most global blog, do get censored eventually, though they can always log in under a new identity. Other drawbacks are the subject of earnest internal debate too, such as the Wikipedia’s inherent bias towards trivial recent events rather than important historical ones. That is already undergoing a subtle change, slowly, though subjects of interest to northern white computer-literate males are over-covered, while those of interest to others are under-covered in terms of space devoted and the prominence given.

    Which of the following options is best supported by the above selection? Mark it as your answer. 

    Options :-

    1. The Wikipedia has been very receptive to the flow of critical ideas.
    2. The Wikipedia has always given fair and just treatment to every user community.
    3. The Wikipedia is under no obligation to either respond to or act on criticisms.
    4. Despite all its shortcomings, the Wikipedia is a genuine attempt at creating a blog on virtually anything and everything under the Sun.
    5. The Wikipedia is possibly the biggest online reference source for virtually anything under the Sun.
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