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    Directions:  Read the passage/argument and answer the question that follows it.

    John Nash, then barely 21, was certainly a genius to have come up with the first theory of nearly everything. ______. Most scientific theories apply to just one particular area. But game theory, the subject Nash is best known for, applies to any situation involving a mix of competition and cooperation — corporate rivalry, political competition, Darwinian struggles. The thesis of Nash was just one of a spectacular series of problems that he solved before he turned 30 and the onset of delusions and hallucinations sapped his creative powers. In fact, most of the mathematicians I interviewed insisted that contribution of Nash to game theory was the most trivial of his accomplishments.

    Which of the following best completes the missing text?

    Options :-

    1. Nobody could really understand his theory.
    2. It was the most spectacular theory that was ever written.
    3. Not even the best of brains could understand it, so difficult it was.
    4. That's no exaggeration, either.
    5. It was a very comprehensive theory, no doubt.
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