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    Directions : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

    Social Media Addiction is one of the worst addictions in the world today and is constantly damaging our future generations. In fact, the innocence of the childhood is being robbed and there are more issues about self-confidence, self-indulgence in the children across all age groups. Studies have shown that people spend approximately 8 hours of their day on their electronic gadgets. The addiction makes kids as well as adults hook up to their gadgets in a way where they are compelled to check their phones every six seconds. We have been trying to find solutions to this on-going problem which is aggravating with each passing day. It is the need of the hour to find solutions and arrest this addiction.

    To understand the complexity of Social Media Addiction, I would suggest first looking at what are the so-called fruits this addiction is producing for us and the kids too. Firstly, it is the feel-good factor, for example a selfie uploaded on a social media platform which yields dozens of likes makes one feel good about themselves. Another can be people venting out on these platforms about their problems at work or relationships; whilst their online friends showing sympathy, empathy and making them feel loved. These are a few fruits of this addiction tree.

    Now, going back to the roots let us see why the seeds were sown in the first place. Remember, the good old period of 80’s, 90’s when families were so knitted. But also, they were very routine. The parents spent most of their time working, growing their kids and there was seldom any attention paid to their own emotional needs as well as of their children. Even though we were close-knit families, kids had a wonderful innocent and playful childhood but still the atmosphere was controlling. The same family pattern was seen everywhere, parents dictating their terms about career, marriage and other social aspects of life to their children. These children grew up stuffing a lot of feelings like of anger, rage, mad at being controlled and perh

    Which of the following can be inferred from the 3rd paragraph?

    I. There was always a sort of emotional imbalance among the family members due to lack of communication with each other.

    II. Social media helps make one feel good about oneself.

    III. People did not like to stay in close-knitted families.

    Options :-

    1. Only II

    2. Both I & III 

    3. Both II & III 

    4. Only I 

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