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    Directions: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly being practiced in recent times as business organisations are taking a keen interest in human rights.

    Globalization, spurred on by technological innovations in the past, has led to an increase in the movement of labour, knowledge and technology among countries. And, companies have been setting up factories in countries with cheap labour and very poor Human Rights laws to enable them to cut production cost drastically. Governments of these poor countries have been forced to dance to the tune of large businesses. Although the growth and development of businesses worldwide has brought about an increase in the standard of living but on the other hand, it has resulted in the abuse of workers in many parts of the world.

    But a section of humanitarians have criticized businesses for their inhumane practices and have steadily raised concern over the use of child labour, low wages, female discrimination and abuse in factories. Also, the media is keeping a constant watch on corporate organisations that abuse humanity in any way or refuse to up hold their social responsibilities. Hence, the trend of incorporating ethics and values into business practices is on the rise, of late.

    As a result, organisations now pay more attention to business ethic, education and training in order to meet this ever growing ethical responsibility. Corporate social responsibility has entered a new phase in which the social responsibility of business has to be clearly defined. According to Andrew Chapman and Scott Jerbi there are growing expectations that corporates should do everything within their powers to promote universal human rights even in conflict situations where governance structure has broken down.

    Opposite of the word ‘social’ as used in the paragraph is:

    Options :-

    1. private

    2. unitary

    3. asocial

    4. anti- social

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