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    Directions: Read the following passage and answer the given question.

    Osho Rajneesh, a prominent 20th century cult leader in India, spoke and wrote the way many rational, educated people did. Like them, Osho questioned the dogmas, myths and contradictions of religion and life, but he did so with a clarity that was revolutionary in its scope. As is the case normally with such people, governments and masses did not like him too much for his piercing, thought-provoking and rebellious ideas and constantly criticised him. So much so that he had to leave Oregon in the US when local people protested against his utterances. By the time he died in 1989, however, his criticism of organised, ritualistic religion and his celebration of religion as something private, bringing joy and happiness were widely shared by the middle class. With the passage of time, _______________.

    What is the most critical completion of the passage?

    Options :-

    1. Osho's path breaking vision became a conventional attitude
    2. complacency crept into Osho's cult and it became as bad as its competitors
    3. Osho was proven to be incorrect
    4. the masses became more critical of Osho's piercing vision of reality
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