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    Directions: In the given passage, there are words/groups of words highlighted in bold and underlined. You have to decide if the word/group of words given is correct (in terms of grammar and context). If not, find out the appropriate word/group of words from the given options. In case, the suggested word/group of words is correct, mark the option ‘The given word(s) is/are correct’ as your answer.

    Good manners __(i)__ stand next to a good heart in adapting men and women to the community in which they live. Indeed, so far as the __(ii)__ mind of ordinary society matters, good manners go further, for however gifted by nature or education one maybe, or however well-intentioned and __(iii)__ benefitting in conduct, if he is __(iv)__ unknown of the customs and requirements of good society, is awkward or __(v)__ looking bad in manner, careless in speech, and heedless of social demands, and even of the arbitrary dictates of fashion, he risks exposing himself to __(vi)__, joke and may be __(vii)__ disabled or condemned, while men far below him in character and ability, but with superior knowledge of correct social deportment, may become the admired favourites of the world. In short, it may be said that success in life often depends far more on appearance and deportment than on __(viii)__ domestic character.

    Choose the word for (iii).

    Options :-

    1. amateurish

    2. genuine

    3. virtuous

    4. judgemental

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