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    Directions: In making decisions about an important question, it is desirable to be able to distinguish between ‘strong’ arguments and ‘weak’ arguments. ‘Strong’ arguments are those which are both important and directly related to the question. ‘Weak’ arguments are those which are of minor importance and also may not be directly related to the question or may be related to a trivial aspect of the question.

    The question below is followed by arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is/are ‘strong’ argument(s) and which is/are ‘weak’ argument(s) and mark your answer accordingly.

    Should the government focus on prioritisation of the most effective targets in the list of 169 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’?
    I. Yes, at a time when almost a billion people go to bed hungry, we need to ask if tree-filled parks for the elderly are the most urgent development priority.
    II. Yes, the sustainable development agenda was the result of a well-meaning but painfully inclusive process that lacked economic inputs.

    Options :-

    1. Only argument I is strong.
    2. Only argument II is strong.
    3. Either I or II is strong.
    4. Both I and II are strong.
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