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    Directions: Form a logical paragraph and answer the question following it.
    A.        The pill-popping world of today has so many problems that if Moses were to come down from Mount Sinai, the two tablets he carried would be aspirin.
    B.        But it is an ill wind that blows nobody good, and we have it from the people manufacturing and marketing pain balms that they never had it so good in India`s huge, Rs. 300 crore market.
    C.        The stresses and strains come not only from the sharp rise in the cost of living but also from the free fall of the shares in the market, sheer fall in political values, and sharp fall in the rupee value.
    D.        As the wag said, the Ten Commandments were given to us in the tablet form, and by following their directions we could save a lot of other tablets from being used.
    E.        To cope with multi-faceted stress, we have a rash of cold rubs, cough drops, health boosters, liquid balms, nasal inhalers, pep pills, revitalisers, sprays and spray plasters, to say nothing of home remedies.
    F.         Even considering that balm makers would find ingenious ways to rub it in, the headache sufferer has to choose among the rich variety of pain killers on offer.

    Which of these sentences is number 2?

    Options :-

    1. B
    2. E
    3. F
    4. C
    5. A
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