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    Directions: For this question, select the best of the answer choices given.

    With social mobility having effectively come to a halt under Thatcherism, the reality is that being born poor in today`s UK means one would, almost inevitably die poor. It is this issue in `classless` and `multicultural` Britain that is milked by right-wing rhetoric to paint scenarios of swathes of Britain being swamped and left jobless by immigrant waves. The marginalization of the working class is then used by others to scorn them as an `undesirable/racist` social group, inherently jealous of the middle/upper classes.

    Which of the following conclusions cannot be inferred from the passage?

    Options :-

    1. The injunction against racism hides the unequal allocation of power and resources that breeds and nourishes such hatred.
    2. The noxious fumes of race and class have prompted various commentators to utilize their respective explanatory deodorants.
    3. A deeper analysis of the racial and class ruptures will reveal economic inequalities being at the root.
    4. The snorts of derision on social conflict are often hypocritical.
    5. Multiculturalism is yet to take roots in Britain.
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