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    Directions: For this question, select the best of the answer choices given.

    The economic independence resulting from women`s working outside the home has created so much stress in marital relations that such a married woman is 10 times more likely to file for a divorce as compared to a woman staying at home. Some analysts feel that a practical step would be to discourage women from taking up job outside their homes and encourage them to work from homes.

    The argument above suffers from all of the following primary faults except that

    Options :-

    1. it singles out economic independence as the only reason for rising divorce cases involving women working outside homes
    2. it ignores the possibility that even women working at home could be economically independent
    3. it holds only working women responsible for rising divorce cases
    4. it does not factor into the discussion any reasons related to the workplace of the working women
    5. it compares only women working outside the home and those staying at home but fails to talk of other categories of women who happen to be economically independent
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