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    Directions: For this question, select the best of the answer choices given.

    Psychologists in the US had believed for long that adolescence is a period of storm and stress, strain and strife and is characterized by moodiness, rebellion, tantrums and the like.
    Recent research conducted in many states, however, questions this conclusion saying that it is applicable only to a small segment of the adolescent population with a majority navigating through it without major troubles.

    Which of the following, if true, could seriously jeopardize the validity of the recent psychological research?

    1. In many states in the US, adolescence is defined as lying between 11 and 16 years of age, while in the rest of the states, it is defined as being between 12 and 17.
    2. It is shown that the study was based on responses given during interviews alone.
    3. The researchers had worked out a careful sampling plan and employed enough safeguards to ensure the inclusion of all racial groups in the study.

    Select your answer using the following codes:

    Options :-

    1. 1, 2 and 3
    2. 1, 2
    3. 2, 3
    4. 1, 3
    5. none of these
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