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    Directions: For this question, select the best of the answer choices given.

    I won`t play with your dog because I`ll be scratching my body all the time if I do. Thrice in the past I have played with it and each time, it makes me adopt ridiculous postures, scratching myself all over the body.

    The above argument is most like which of the following ones?

    Options :-

    1. Atax`s beloved must be allergic to chrysanthemums. Every time Atax presents her a chrysanthemum, she becomes very miserable and starts coughing.
    2. The panel`s projections must have been valid, because it predicted a crisis, and it is here before us all exactly as hade been predicted.
    3. Allatrine tends to enhance human fertility and multiple-births. Every woman administered the drug in tests gave birth to multiple babies.
    4. Industrial effluents flowing into the river caused the death of aquatic animals. No animals died when the effluents had been dumped into the sea.
    5. My child loves going to the Xenon multiplex. Every time he goes there, he has a whale of a time. We are looking forward to this weekend when he goes there to have great fun.
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