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    Directions: A fortune teller has a unique way of predicting his customer`s prognosis. He has three parrots kept in three different cages. Each cage has three cards with a one digit non-zero number inscribed on every card. No two cards have the same number and no cage contains two cards with the number totaling ten. Further the total of numbers on the three cards in the first cage is greater by two than that in the second and by four than that in the third. When a customer asks for his prognosis, the fortune teller lets out the three parrots, which randomly pick one card out of their respective cages. Before the prognosis is made, the fortune teller totals the numbers on the three cards picked out by the parrots and charges the customer the same number of rupees as the total of the numbers on the cards. One day a customer paid seven rupees for his prognosis. 

    Which of the following payments is possible?

    Options :-

    1. Rs. 8
    2. Rs. 13
    3. Rs. 9
    4. Rs. 23
    5. None of these
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