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    Directions: A brief passage or a statement is given. Select the theme based on the information provided in the passage/statement. Critically examine the five alternative answer options marked (1) to (5) and choose the best answer.
    Software engineering has for nearly 30 years sworn by Brooks` Law, which states that as the number of program developers increases, the number of bugs increases exponentially. Beyond the minimum number required to get the job done, adding people produces a result that is late, of inferior quality, and over-budget.
    How did the motley Linus crew overturn Brooks` Law? Open source software evangelist Eric Raymond proffers three design process principles to explain this phenomenon:
    Treating your users as co-developers is a least hassle route to rapid code improvement and effective debugging.
    Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers.
    Given enough testers and co-designers, almost every problem will be identified quickly; the fix will become obvious to someone.

    Options :-

    1. If restricting the number of software developers as per Brooks` Law, encourage and help shape self-organisation among your customers and others.
    2. If you play your cards right, customer collaboration can be harnessed to enable you to create better products and services.
    3. Don`t hesitate to shout out about your problems and design deficiencies. In this internet age someone will hear you out and come up with valuable suggestions.
    4. The rapid strides in worldwide internet have made the Brooks` Law irrelevant, at least as far as Software Engineering is concerned.
    5. Software designers should always embrace the customer interest and opinions to develop better products.
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