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    Directions: A brief passage or a statement is given. Select the theme based on the information provided in the passage/statement. Critically examine the five alternative answer options marked (1) to (5) and choose the best answer.
    Jung’s idea of the archetypes of the collective unconscious resonated with the elaborate symbolic language of alchemical texts, and provided scholars with a new way to examine alchemical material. During the early 20th century the cultural climate and the preconceptions of reductionist science made it almost impossible for scholars to look at the ideas in alchemical texts, and the scholarship of this period merely presented alchemy as a historical phenomenon, a precursor of chemistry. Alchemy was at that time only investigated by occultists and historians of science. Jung’s courage in grasping this difficult material and providing ways in which one could penetrate alchemical ideas without losing scholarly credibility led to a serious reappraisal of alchemy which continues to this day.
    What is the theme of the passage?

    Options :-

    1. Jung brought Alchemy back into the realm of chemistry and science.
    2. Jung recognized that while the subject of Alchemy was Man; the object was the perfection of Man.
    3. Whereas the twentieth century scientists shunned alchemy and considered it to be occulistic, it was Jung whose scholarly work granted credibility to alchemic ideas.
    4. Jung`s deductionist ideas of the archetypes countered the reductionist preoccupation of the twentieth century science.
    5. Jung`s courage in tackling the difficult ideas of alchemy paved the way for an all new reconsideration of the relevance of the latter in modern science.
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