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    Directions: A brief passage or a statement is given and a question is asked, based on the information provided in the passage/statement. Critically examine the five alternative answer options marked (1) to (5) and choose the best answer.
    Though engineering skill is the more proximate and important requirement for success in information technology and BPO sectors, other countries like China face difficulty in catching up with India due to their deficiency in mastering another skill: English language proficiency. On another scale, the contribution of a top physicist in research could be many times more than that of a corporate top-notch manager, though the benefits of the former`s contribution are more diffused and occur over a long period of time. Pure mathematics, theoretical physics, literature, and philosophy are like a language skill. They may not appear as immediately useful as the knowledge of how to repair a car or write a programme. Yet it is depth in these subjects that helps create a citizenry that is creative and enlightened, and has the ability to absorb technology and innovate.

    Which of the following conclusions cannot be inferred from the passage?

    Options :-

    1. There is need to impart skills in traditional fields so as not to lose the edge in technology.
    2. Investment in basic education is a potent reason for the booming Indian economy.
    3. Training computer technicians, managers and engineers yields immediate returns.
    4. You can ignore the abstract education only to your peril.
    5. Fundamental research and generation of ideas are more important than professional skills.
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