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    Direction: Study the information given below and answer the questions based on it.

    Twelve friends Sam, Sonu, Monu, Mona, Sona, Tina, Jyoti, Rajesh, Reena, Tanya, Roma and Ramesh are sitting in two parallel rows six in each row. The students sitting in first row are facing students of the second row. They are studying in six different colleges, two students of each college. They are having their favourite subjects out of six subjects English, Hindi, Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, each subject is favourite of two students.
    Sona is not neighbour of Sonu. The two students having Biology as Favorite subjects are sitting adjacent to student having chemistry as a favourite subject. The students having Hindi and Physics as favourite subjects are sitting at the ends of the row. Sonu is sitting opposite to the neighbour of Jyoti. Sam is not to the left of Sonu. Mona is sitting opposite to the student having same favourite subject, which is chemistry. Hindi is not a favourite subject of Tina. Two students are sitting between Rajesh and Roma. One of the student having Physics as favourite subject is sitting third to the right of student having Hindi as favourite subject. Ramesh and Reena are having same favourite subject. Roma who is facing north is not neighbour of Jyoti. Rajesh and Tanya both are neighbor of Reena. Students from college T are having favourite subjects Math and Bio. The student siting opposite to Reena is from college S. The students having Hindi as favourite subject are from college Q. Students from college R and S are sitting adjacent to each other. The Students from college R having Physics and chemistry as their favourite subject. Ramesh is fifth to the right of Jyoti. Students of college P are facing north. Tina is not neighbour of Mona. Jyoti is having English as favourite subject and studying with Reena whose favourite subject is math and college is P. The one who likes Hindi is facing North. One of the student from college U likes  English as their favourite subject. Rajesh is sitting opposite to Sonu. Ramesh is sitting opposite to tina. Mona is not from college R. 

    Find the pair of students from same college?

    Options :-

    1. Sam and Sonu
    2. Sona and Ramesh
    3. Tina and Ramesh
    4. Rajesh and Reena
    5. Tanya and Roma
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