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    Direction: Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in a proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions that follow.
    (A) GM and organic are widely regarded as being at opposite ends of the farming spectrum.
    (B) But look beyond these crude stereotypes, and it turns out that the two camps have things in common; their goals are the same, if not the means.
    (C) For many years’ advocates of agricultural, biotechnology, notably, genetically-modified (GM) crops have been at loggerheads with proponents of organic farming.
    (D) Both camps are looking for new techniques to produce food sustainably, in other words, methods that minimise environment impact, maximise farmer’s welfare, can cope with climate change and can be scaled across the developing world.
    (E) The former is usually characterised as high-tech, dominated by large seed companies and favouring large scale industrial farming, the latter is seen as more traditional less dominated by corporate interests and favouring small farms.
    (F) Maximising yields while minimising the use of expensive or dangerous chemicals is the goal of both organic farming and much GM research.

    Which of the following will be the LAST sentence of the paragraph?

    Options :-

    1. F
    2. D
    3. C
    4. B
    5. E
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