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    Direction: Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow.
    The present scenario of industrial change, economic development, liberalization and globalization has necessitated the organizations to be more alert, knowledgeable, analytical and systematic in their approach to achieve their goals. Human resources today provide the greatest challenge as well as the opportunity to an organization. The people come to the organization with diversity of skills, needs, goals, and expectations. But at the same time, the employees today, are free, within limits, to leave the organization causing a significant risks to the organization incurring intellectual capital loss unless individual knowledge, is transferred, shared, transformed and institutionalized (Youndt: 2000). It will depend on the policies of the management that the employees do not leave the organization. However, it is worth noting that sustainable competitive advantage is attained when the firm has a human resource pool that cannot be imitated or substituted by its rivals (Barney: 1991). This in turn requires Indian Industry to look inward for the development of human resources. Further, to develop and maintain their competitive edge, the potential value of the employees needs to be increased by enhancing and linking their skills and capabilities in tune with the contemporary requirements of the market (Singh: 2005).People‟ are the most important and valuable resource for every organization. Dynamic people build dynamic organizations and effective employees contribute to the effectiveness of the organization. Competent and motivated people make things happen and help the organization to achieve its goals. Organizations, therefore, need to contribute to the dynamism, competency, motivation, efficiency and effectiveness of the employees continuously.

    _____________ is not a onetime affair.

    Options :-

    1. Human Resource Development
    2. Human Resource Management
    3. Planning
    4. Management
    5. Leadership
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