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    Direction: Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow based on the information mentioned in it.
    The paper mill, the future work environment of the trainees, was completely new. There were not existing hierarchies or cultural barriers. Thus, the ground for the development activities was thought to be fertile and flexible. Although, there were two older production units within the same geographical location from which many beliefs and habits have possibly transferred to the personnel of the new factory. As a matter of course, there were many positive cultural nuances, besides the factors resisting the change and supporting the existence of the old systems that may have transferred from the older units to the new paper mill.
    The recruitment process of the personnel was innovative for this field of industry. Several newspaper advertisements impacted approximately 5000 applicants to send their resumes to Sera. It is not usual in the heavy industry that a high recruitment criterion in terms of education is required. In this program, the education requirement was either a matriculation or vocational examination, but the latter was not necessary from the paper production. The area of the vocational education was not a core recruitment criterion, because the trainees received also the formal vocational education in the program. Two interview rounds, aptitude and personality tests were applied in the recruitment process. The applied recruitment approach may seem a normal procedure, but in the paper industry it has not been the most common case. Two interesting details were included in the recruitment: There was an intention to hire young persons, possibly novices in the industry. And the other intention was to hire female workers more than factories normally do. The personnel were quite young and inexperienced compared to the traditional population. There were also more women than normally, even though the majority of the operators were still men.
    The third context innovation was the strong support by the top management of the organization. It was not just empty phrases for the external image purposes. The management took part in the discussions during the instructional planning process, showed interest toward implementation of the program, and some managers kept lectures in the training courses, too.

    Continuous training that develops the professional skills of employees plays an important role in HRD. Which feature of HRD does the statement reflect?

    Options :-

    1. Employability
    2. Adaptability
    3. Pervasive process
    4. Equity
    5. Systematic approach
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