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    Direction : Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow based on the information mentioned in it.

    Christine DeVita States Organizational Management Is The Same Regardless of Profit or NonProfit Sector. I understand that there is a perception that the kind of basic competencies of running an organization management, financial, mission, strategy that somehow they change as you move from the corporate world, to the nonprofit world, to the government world. And the truth of the matter is, it’s not true. That it is all organizational management is organizational management. Whether you do it as a return for shareholders, whether you do it to create a social benefit, the issues are all the same. Managing people is the same. Being smart about your financial health. Being clear, and looking out into the future to ensure that you do not overextend. If you are a company, you clearly do not want to over leverage your balance sheet. If you are a foundation, you do not want to over commit from multiyear grants, funds in the future that you may not have if the market tanks. Careful and prudent planning, not just for the current fiscal year you are in, but for two to three years out does not disappear because you are working for a social return as opposed to a shareholder return.

    Who introduced ‘Stability of tenure?’

    Options :-

    1. Henry Fayol
    2. F.W. Taylor
    3. Frank. B. Gilbreth
    4. Louis Brandeis
    5. Fredrick Steven
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