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    Direction: Read the following questions carefully and answer the questions given below:

    Eight bags namely P, R, S, T, U, V, W and X are placed from top to bottom not in the same order. They contain books of different subjects namely Economics, Psychology, Hindi, English, Sociology, Education, Accountancy, Mass Communication. Bags are made up of different materials among leather, polyester, jute and denim. Exactly two bags are made of same material. Consider top as 1st position. The following information is known about them.

    Bag T which is made up of polyester is kept two places above R and both are in the top 4 positions when bags are arranged from top to bottom. The bag containing English book is kept immediately below jute and is made up of same material as T. Bag S is kept somewhere between W and X and X being below S. The two leather bags are kept vertically adjacent to each other. Hindi book is kept exactly between V and the bag containing Accountancy book. X doesn’t contain Economics book or Education. Bag U is kept two places below bag W which is kept immediately below the bag containing English book. The bag containing Mass Communication book is placed at even numbered place but is not placed at the bottom. The denim bag which is kept at top either contains Economics or Accountancy book. Bag U is not made up of jute or leather. V which contains Sociology book is made up of jute. The bag containing Psychology book is made up of jute. W doesn’t contain any of Economics or Psychology book.
    Which bag contains Psychology book?

    Options :-

    1. P
    2. R
    3. T
    4. X
    5. S
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