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    Direction : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words have been printed in the bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

    life of these people. There are basically three excavated sites that throw light upon the life in this period. The first one is the cave site at Lascaux, which gives magnificent example of artistic expressions of pre historic humans. Second is DolniVestonice which is an exhilarating example of human settlement. Third site is the Gault site which is a near permanent dwelling place.
    Let us begin the comparison by first describing the sites. The first siteLascaux is a cave site located in south western France. This site is situated on a limestone plateau. High cliffs and caverns dot the area. The site was discovered in 1940 which opened the gates to a world of spectacular art dated 17000 years ago. The place has numerous caves where thousands of artifacts have been found. The region is known for mural paintings which refer to the paintings drawn on the walls of the cave. Paintings include life like images of horses, bison, woolly mammoth, reindeer and numerous hunting scenes. Three basic colors were used which are black, red and yellow. Engravings indicate that the life of humans in this period majorly revolved around hunting.
    The second site is the Dolni Vesto nice which is located in Czech Republic. The excavations started in 1924 and the glorious remains of artifacts dating 25000 years ago were seen by the world. The remarkable aspect of this site is the area is strewn with mammoth bones, tusks and reindeer antlers. The place was used as some sort of huge dwelling site where mammoth bones were supporting structures like pillars in the absence of trees. The site also contains thousands of artifacts such as baked clay pottery, tools, ornaments like necklaces, headbands made from animal hides, carved out bones and ivory. Another important contribution of this site is the Venus figurines which are fired clay molded female shapes showing their body curves prominently.
    The third site belongs to the new world i.e. North and South America. A number of sites in Mexico and southern part of North America have been found such as the Clovis points and Gault site in South America which are 13000 years old. The site at Gault contains campsites that were dwelling places of Paleolithic people. Major tools were Clovis which is a sharp pointed spear used to kill mammoth. It is believed that people from Asia and Africa reached North America from the narrow stretch of land that was between Siberia and Alaska. But with the rise in temperatures that stretch of land now lies submerged in water.
    A comparison among the three sites presents different persona. The cave sites at Lascaux were used mainly for artistic expressions. This means that the sites were not frequently used as dwelling units rather they were distinct art sites where pre historic humans used to express themselves. In contrast the other two sites were used as dwelling places.DolniVestonice contains remains of pottery, ornaments and tools that suggest day to day usage. Similarly Clovis and other artifacts found at Gault site suggest that it was a long term camping site.
    Another point of difference is the kind of structures these people used to build. The Lascaux site suggests that people mainly stayed in caves which protected them from extreme cold and winds. DolniVestonice suggests that the people used to build their own structures with the remains of grass eating animals as they lived in grasslands which were devoid of any trees.Abundant presence of flint stones, pebbles and Clovis suggest that Gault site were built in a small valley that lay creaked in between rivers

    The correct synonym of abundant is —–

    Options :-

    1. Dearth
    2. Copious
    3. Paltry
    4. Exiguous
    5. Meagre
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