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    Direction: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

    Before apartheid ended in South Africa in 1994, several people were captured and imprisoned for their fight against the horrific racism. In 1964, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was arrested, the 466th prisoner to be put behind bars. After almost 30 years in prison, he would one day lead the nation and bring people of all castes and colours together. As the 1st President, he knew that the battle against apartheid was only half won. His motive was to build a nation, which he knew could not be achieved until he united his people. Both black & white. Many leaders would think of policies and strategies on the political front. But Mandela simply used a sport, rugby. In 1995, South Africa hosted the Rugby World Cup. And Mandela knew that with the world watching, this was their opportunity to prove that the Rainbow Nation can shine. The South African rugby captain at that time was a white blond Afrikaner named François Pienaar, who as a kid was taught that Mandela was a terrorist. This is the story of these two men, one president and one rugby captain, who used a game to bring the nation together. The colour of the South African team was green & gold and their emblem was a springbok. The springbok was believed to be a symbol of apartheid. So, before the World Cup, the SA Rugby Union wanted to remove it and also say goodbye to the green & gold. But Mandela persisted that whites were equally part of their country and the colours & symbols depicted their history and shouldn’t be taken away. So, the move never happened. He personally invited Pienaar and motivated him to win the World Cup. He told him that this was their chance to bring the nation closer. Pienaar was impressed by his passion for a better South Africa and in turn, he pumped his team up before the World Cup. They marched in with the burden of the nation on their shoulders. But they marched in with dedication. The people, white and black alike, could see the effort they were putting in and gradually both communities started supporting the team, together. The team kept on winning through the tournament and reached the final. On the day of the final, Nelson Mandela walked into Ellis Stadium dressed in green & gold and sporting the springbok cap. The majority of the crowd was white, and they saw how much the game meant to Mandela. Against the toughest team in the world, New Zealand, the springboks sprung to victory in the final by 15-12, with an extra time drop goal. The World (Cup) was in their hands now. The blacks shared the whites’ dream of winning the rugby world cup, while the whites sang the blacks’ anthem. And together, they raised a new flag. A game had changed the nation. A new South Africa was born with a new anthem, a new flag, a new belief and new life to look forward to.

    He personally invited Pienaar and motivated him to win the World Cup.” What can be inferred from this sentence?

    Options :-

    1. Pienaar wanted black players in his team and Mandela supported him
    2. Pienaar just wanted to win the world cup
    3. Pienaar sympathized with Mandela because of his past arrest
    4. Mandela had hidden terrorist scheme and convinced Pienaar to join him.
    5. Pienaar shared the dream as Mandela to see a unified South Africa
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