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    Direction: In the passage given below words are given in bold, each followed by a number given in the brackets. Every word in bold has five alternatives. Find the word which best suits the place. If the given words suit the blank, mark ‘all fit’ as the answer and if the given words doesn’t suits the blank, mark ‘none fit’ as the answer.

    At the gates of Santa Monica College, in Los Angeles, a young man with a skateboard is hanging (13) near a group of people who are smoking marijuana in view of the campus police. His head is (14), too—but with worry, not weed. He (15) about his student loans and the difficulty of finding a job, even fearing that he might end up homeless; “not to sound intense,” he adds, but robots are taking work from humans. He neither smokes nor drinks much. The (16) against such things is stronger than it was for his parents’ generation, he explains. Young people are (17) behaving and thinking differently from previous (18) at the same age. These shifts can be seen in almost every rich country, from America to the Netherlands to South Korea. Some have been under way for many years, but they have (19) in the past few. Not all of them are (20). Perhaps the most obvious change is that teenagers are getting drunk (21) often. They start drinking later: the average age at which young Australians first try alcohol has risen from 14.4 to 16.1 since 1998. And even when they start, they sip rather than (22). In Britain, where a fifth of 16- to 24-year-olds do not drink at all, the number of pubs is falling by about 1,000 a year, and nightclubs are faring even worse.
    Find the appropriate word in each case.

    Options :-

    1. Fantasy
    2. Reclusion
    3. Stigma
    4. None fit
    5. All fit
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