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    Direction: In the passage given below, there are blanks, each followed by a word given in bold. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (A), (B), (C) and (D). Find the word which best suits the place. If the given word suits the blank, mark ‘no correction/change required’ as the answer.

    Possessions (51) [liable] your mind and are an interference to deep thoughts. (52) [Ponder] of ways on how to gain further, the quest of possessions becomes an end in itself. Similarly, people have tendency to (53) [collaborate] wealth for the sake of hoarding it. It is useless for anyone. This has slowly become a way of life. Although we agree, possessions and wealth are (54) [indisputably] necessary for a comfortable life. However, they should be utilised best to assist in our need, not greed. Be it apparels, shoes or homes, owning more than anything required is nothing but wasteful hoarding. Gathering of wealth and possessions comes from internal (55) [timidity] of an individual. This leads to a loop: to get more money for obtaining more goods and amenities, often leading to an unethical and (56) [sustainable] lifestyle. This uncertainty can be abridged by first trying to comprehend ourselves. The problem is most people are (57) [brave] of looking deep within their soul. But a deeper understanding will give us a perception in life and is, also, the dawn of spirituality. It will help in understanding the inner self. But when a person evolves on the pathway of spirituality, his (58) [path] in life change. The (59) [tenacity] of life shifts more towards sustainability. Spirituality also helps make a person internally secure and (60) [humble]. Also, the longing to increase possessions and amass wealth comes from the greed instinct; it should be abridged or kept in check.
    Find the appropriate word in each case.

    Options :-

    1. obedient
    2. specific
    3. Prospective
    4. Deniable
    5. no change/correction required
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