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    Direction : In the following passage some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.

    The humble millets are making a (1) [abet] in the homes of the health-conscious city folks. People are increasingly seeking healthier and nutritious options of food to bring about a difference in their lives. And this trend has resulted in the city witnessing a growing tribe of food entrepreneurs who (2) [devoid] to this section of health-conscious crowd through ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook millet-based and wholegrain food items. The recently-held ‘Food Rendezvous’ at Starlite Nutrition and Wellness Centre on International Women’s Day brought together a group of women food entrepreneurs who are making an effort to (3) [blight] popular breakfast and main meal options to nutrition-packed dishes with millets and wholegrain and also offer read-to-cook mixes. Go Bhaarati is one such unique venture spearheaded by Sri Sudha that (4) [originated] from the simple idea to replace rice and sugar from the daily life to healthy alternatives. Today, the venture has a successful setup at Hyderabad and has recently stepped into Vizag. The outlet located at Dwarkanagar (near Hotel Budhil Park) serves millet-based breakfast and lunch. So you have the jowar flakes upma, foxtail millet laddu, ragi rawa upma, idli and dosa and bajra idli and upma. Sudha turns the simple curd rice into a millet-based (5) [removes] by adding barnyard millet instead of rice. A postgraduate in biochemistry, Sudha made a (6) [conscious] decision of a lifestyle change when she lost her 60-year-old father and some other relatives to early stage diabetes. “I started experimenting with millets and (7) [neglected] how a simple change in diet can protect my family’s health,” she says. The rice and sugar were instantly replaced with millets and jaggery. “Compared to rice, which is high on carbs, millets have greater nutritional value,” she adds. It has been four and half years now and Sudha says the change has had a hugely positive impact in her family’s health. At her city outlet, you can taste pulihora, tomato rice, pudina rice and bisibelebath – all prepared with millets. She also (8) [undertakes] catering orders and online orders for her products (
    Packed with fibre, proteins, enzymes and minerals, millets offer a wide spectrum of health benefits. The ready-to-cook millet-based product market is, however, still growing slowly. It was to address this section of market that the food blogger Sonia Vadlamani will soon be (9) [sheer] out her venture TruFeast. In the initial stages, TruFeast will be launched in the Hyderabad and Vizag markets with seven ready-to-cook mixes and two ready-to-eat snacks – all millet and whole grain based products. “When I did a market study, I realized that while people are aware of the health benefits of millets, not many know how to cook them or introduce these in breakfast or meals. That’s where the idea to start TruFeast came up,” says Sonia. To encourage more people to (10) [embrace] millets and wholegrain, she has started a seven-day healthy challenge with hashtag #7DayWarrior. 

    What will come at a place of (2)?

    Options :-

    1. cater
    2. transform
    3. acquisitive
    4. subtract
    5. No correction required
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