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    Direction: Find the correct relationship between the given quantities:
    Quantity A: The percentage ‘p’ of water in the third jug if two jugs having a capacity of 8 and 4 litres respectively are filled with mixtures of sugar and water. In the smaller jug 35% of the mixture is sugar and in the larger 40% of the mixture is water. The jugs are emptied into a 15-litre jug whose remaining capacity is filled up with water.
    Quantity B: Find the number of days ‘d’ in which C alone can complete the work. A and B can do a piece of work in 120 and 180 days respectively. They worked for 60 days then both left. Remaining work is finished by C in minimum 88/9 days.

    Options :-

    1. Quantity A > Quantity B
    2. Quantity A < Quantity B
    3. Quantity A ≤ Quantity B
    4. Quantity A ≥ Quantity B
    5. Quantity A = Quantity B or no relation
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