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    I will like to know what degree l could pursue after BSc in IT(more electrical inclined) and now l have bee working for two years approx with complex machine. More of automation systems – as a system analyst.


    I will like to do HPC jobs later and i really would like to gain some deep understanding of some computer science concepts again.

    I was thinking of an Msc in embedded systems but like said I can’t really tell if that is going to be good for me or not. What do you think?
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     Shraddha Goel 

    MSc in embedded systems will indeed be good for you as it will combine knowledge of various fields and will raise your future prospects. Or you can go for any of the following:


    MSc IT

    For Database there many courses which you can do and they are-

    1. MCDBA Certification (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator)
    2. ODAC Certification (Oracle Database Administration Courses)
    3. Certification course in BerkeleyDB
    4. Certificate course in DB2
    5. Certificate course in PostgreSQL
    6. Certificate course in Firebird

    But most popular courses are MCDBA for SQL Server and ODAC for ORACLE data base.

    For Networking You can choose any of these courses-

    1. CCNA (Cisco Certified course in Networking)
    2. MCSE (Microsoft Certified Course in Software Engineering)
    3. Certificate course in Networking from Jetking.

    If you want to go in Programming field.

    then you can do a certificate course in any of the language and technology.

    – Java
    – .Net
    – C#
    – PHP
    – C++
    – HTML and DHTML

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