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    Davinci DC100 is the ‘smart’ electric motorcycle that all ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ fans will love

    It is the next great revolution. Just as electric cars seem to be here to stay, gradually gaining ground from combustion vehicles, electric motorcycles they seem to have found their place in the market. In this regard, the Asian leading manufacturer DaVinci has presented its ambitious DC100, a locomotive unit that is capable of follow us everywhere without a pilot and that he has the ability to balance and balance without the need for us to do anything. Yes, as in Cyberpunk 2077.To get more news about DC100, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

    Imagine a smart electric motorcycle capable of autonomy of about 400 kilometers per charge and great versatility. The new DC 100 model has an estimated speed of 0 to 100 km / h between 3 and 4 seconds, not bad for an electric vehicle, and that is why It has a powerful motor with a maximum torque of 850 Nm and about 135 horsepower, as explained in Engadget. However, there is a catch. Davinci has not specified the maximum speed that the electric motorcycle will reach, so at the moment it is a mystery.

    Its battery is 17.7 kWh and it supports fast charging as long as it is needed. Davinci has designed the motorcycle to be able to save energy and distribute it according to the use and the circumstances in which the motorcycle moves, and for this it has different intelligent functions such as detection of rest, detection of slopes, reversing or braking ABS, making it as efficient as possible. But perhaps the cleverest feature is its tilting system, which enables rebalance the motorcycle at all times thanks to internal sensors.

    As if that were not enough, the bike will follow us from one side to the other once it is updated thanks to the software that the Asian brand is already preparing. The motorcycle is now available for reservation by $ 27,000 on its base model, counting on an edition Classic with leather seats, shiny drill bits and a more premium by 90.000 dlares. Hopefully its revolutionary software is up to the task.

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