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     Matthew Wolf 

    Hello, I am currently in 10th Standard. I am preparing for my board exams. Everyday I hear  people around me encouraging me to pursue science and head in the general hyped direction of Engineering and Medicine, how do I find out which course would suit me best before making decisions like this?

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     Rashim Bagga 


    Dont stress about it. Its perfectly alright to be unsure at this stage. If you feel the mainstream career paths dont intrigue you, start researching. Go on the internet and look up various options. Find out your interests and a career that fits your aptitude. If you’re not sure about where your aptitude lies, there are a plenty of aptitude tests available online. Otherwise, you can also visit a career counselor .Take your time and think about the subjects that call to you and then make an informed decision.

    best wishes!

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     Nidhi Jain 

    It happens with everyone at this stage. Do not bother yourself a lot with those problems. Now its the peak time to focus on your board exams more than that. So, prepare well for them. secondly, you decide what you want to do. Find your interest in the subjects and according to them choose the field. For Example: (1) if you are interested in machines, motor parts, plants, experiments, laboratory then opt science with non medical (2) if you are interested in animals and humans then opt science with medical (3) if you are interested in creativity, art work, designing, painting, psychology, then opt humanity. At last all depend on your decision that after 12th in which field you want to pursue  your career.

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    Hello there!

    This should be the perfect time for you to decide what do you want to study further and there is no need to stress about it.It is true that Engineering and Medical are two main categories most aspirants strive for but those are not the only options available. You should always go with your passion and not what others have to say. Striving for what you are passionate about will be surely more rewarding.

    If you like Science subjects Like Physics, Maths or Biology then you should take up Science after class 10. After that you can decide weather you should go for Engineering or Medical based on whether you like physics and maths or Biology more.

    If you like business oriented subjects then choose commerce as there are plenty of opportunities there as well.

    If you are inclined towards literature, visual arts,history,culture then you should take up arts stream.

    In conclusion, go where your passion takes you be it Engineering or Medical.

    Hope it helps! Cheers.

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    Hey, there you make me remind of the time when I used to ask the same question to my elders and then they would give me almost the same response.

    Now in second year I realized that it’s the inner voice of yourself you should hear the most.

    It is always good to take advise from elders or people related to the same field . But it’s you in the end who has to make a future out of it and class 10 decision plays a vital role ahead in life.

    This is a stage where you’ll always end up feeling that I should do that because someone is really good at it at the present situation, the person has a good pay and end up taking the same field as the person.

    Whenever you have to take such decisions follow the following steps :

    1) Understand what are you interested in.

    2) Have a talk with people of the mutual interest.

    3)Research about it over the internet.

    4)Lastly always remember listen yourself and not anyone else.

    Take advice from people,but it is your future so do what you like. Even if the beginning is a little slow, it doesn’t matter but do what you want to and not what others want you to.

    All the best ?

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     Ajit Dhiman 

    i believe that  you should  go to internet to check the scope of every stream you are thinking of.Then make a list of interesting professions that you find through this  research.Then go and talk the professionals that are currently in this field.After all this hard work,i think you will find your right stream.

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    Firstly, All the best for your 10th board exams!

    It’s okay to be unsure about what to do next at this stage, I remember asking many people I know about the same thing when I was your age. Most people will suggest that you stick with the most popular course these days, which are Engineering and Medical Sciences because these courses guarantee the best jobs with job security and a steady income. But I advise you to do what you are good at. If you do what you love and what you are good at doing, then automatically fame and money will follow you. I feel that money should be a consequence of your actions instead of you running after it.

    Explore your skill set! Each individual is created differently and can do different things. If you’re good with computers, then take a computers course and build new and efficient applications. If you’re good at math, then set up a business! If you have a good sense of music then join the music industry and create something wonderful! The possibilities are endless! The world is your canvas and you hold the brush in your hand, you just have to imagine what you want to create!

    Hope this was helpful…

    Best regards

    Abhishek 🙂

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     Shivam Sharma 

    Your question is dime a dozen. At this time you will need to explore yourself. Figure out who you are and what are your interests linking with the subject. Remember one thing don’t anticipate that the tenth marks can simplify the stream selection. They are totally peculiar. Contact your seniors and try having a personal counselling. Customize subjects according to your desire. You may have an additional subject if you want to. This can help you to get best of both worlds.
    Try ingesting the subjects and what they actually deal with. Cross your fingers it will definitely work. After completing your exploration of the subjects note down the thinks you like and would prefer and match it with the stream that has it.
    Surfing net is not at all a bad idea. Probe internet and books.  Just get down to brass tacks and you will get what you need .


    Regards EduGorilla

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    Do not fret over this. While I cannot assure you that things will be great, worrying too much always hinders more than it helps. Make a careful and conscientious decision after thoroughly exploring all options. Keep in mind that you do not have to make a decision right now.

    1. What kind of career should you elect, when the time comes? My advice is this: do not let anyone goad you into something based on his or her priorities. There is no such thing as a perfect career. Each has its benefits and downsides. Do not pick engineering or medicine unless you have your priorities straight.
    2. Most people nudge children towards the sciences because they tend to have relatively more stable jobs with ostensibly low effort. This is only partially true. While it is true that the technical and scientific knowledge can be your anchor as you go through a myriad of jobs, obtaining the requisite professional qualities while gaining knowledge can be a difficult task unless you have a keen interest in the course. There are few things harder than trying to find the motivation to work for something you simply aren’t interested in and this will, at some point, cause you problems.
    3. I know this is clichéd but find your passion. Know that it does not necessarily have to be a profession. It can be money, a hobby, a desire to help people… anything. Next, use what skills you have to gain what you want.

    I hope this advice helps you 🙂

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    Hey buddy, In life nothing is so stressful when you know what makes you happy, satisfied and interesting and this you need to find out. Every student gets confused or clueless but there are conclusions like you love studying science and marks are much higher in social studies. So you should opt for science as your career,because you study science with enthusiasm.
    Interest in subject matters.
    So good luck for your future. Hope buddy you will choose a correct option.

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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Revant,

    In addition to the advice everyone gave you in the previous answers. Try getting yourself through a session of career counselling. I’ve heard that it can be highly inaccurate from a few people, while others say that it is highly accurate, for me I’d say it’s the latter. But more than anything , it would also lead you to understand yourself better.

    All the best for your board exams! 🙂


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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Revant,

    In addition to the advice everyone gave you in the previous answers. Try getting yourself through a session of career counselling. I’ve heard that it can be highly inaccurate from a few people, while others say that it is highly accurate, for me I’d say it’s the latter. But more than anything , it would also lead you to understand yourself better.

    All the best for your board exams! 🙂


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