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    I’ll be in college soon and I like computers and such but I’m confused what to take, IT or Computer Science. Can you kinda explain it to me?


    I’ve been doing some searches about what field do they focus and I kinda confused some says that IT is the new version of Comp Science, some say that comsci deals with hardware n software, while others says Com Eng is the marriage of Comsci and UT.

    I want to be a Web Analyst/Developer, Database admin. which course what do you think is better to take? Does ComSci also kinda study hardware or only softwares?

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    Hello Jazmine,

    I am also a student and in the IT field right now..What i have seen all these years is that trust me there is  no such difference  between the CS and IT field as people say..The IT field has just come up from the CS field itself and so people think that way..Many of them must be like take cs it has more scope..The thing is that it all depends on what are we working on..Because in the end it will all depend upon how much practical knowledge have we gained and also how much have we worked upon ourselves all the years of our BTECH career..i am in 3rd year and  i know that what i want to be in future an so the universities are not gonna teach the same exact thing..So just go for the one which the university is best at..It also depends on that too..Whether it has good faculties for IT or CS?

    Talk to the seniors they can give a good advice in this..No one can give a better advice then them..

    If you are still confused..

    Read this:

    All the best!!


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     Olivia Das 

    IT is a part of Computer Science , which deals with the study of the various technologies that are in use.

    Computer Science is a core field of study in which you can also pursue research as well

    where as

    IT is the derived field which provides education regarding the technologies that have been already introduced and implemented.

    In my opinion CS definitely has the edge because of wider range of opportunities and job available .

    Demand for both CS and IT is evergreen so you can opt for any of these courses. If you are more interested in software go for CS and if you are more into hardware go for IT 🙂

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