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    Choose the right arrangement-

    Today’s Labour Day sees a storm________________
    off the East Coast of the nation. Scientists are saying the storm is not a sign of things to come. Rather, it is a sign of things already here. Climate change is real. It is_________________sea levels to rise. It is leading to flooding on both coasts and along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The scientists are more certain than ever. The ocean is warming. It is creating “sunny day floods.” These are floods that happen when the tide is_______________and there is a brisk wind. These floods are often just a foot or two deep. But they can stop traffic and_________________basements. They make it hard for storm water to drain. They can happen even when there is no rain. Low-lying areas of the nation, such as Miami, are taking steps. They are building sea walls and enlarging their drainage systems. They plan to raise roads to higher levels along the coast. Many believe that the_________________of the nation in the future will be about climate change. The problem is real, here and now. The big question is how fast it is taking place. Not all the nation will be underwater.

    Options :-

    1. taking, letting, soaring, ground, projects
    2. ragigng, causing, high, swamp, work
    3. blaze, making, low, slough, policies
    4. occurring, sourcing, tall, dark, effort
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