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    Choose the right arrangement-

    Expert groups are___________________a change. They want to adopt a single unit of measurement. Their choice is the milliliter. Americans do not seem to like metric measurement. They prefer teaspoons. A new study says something different. Parents who give doses in milliliters make fewer errors. Teaspoons and tablespoon are not as_________________In the study, nearly half the parents did not give the right amount of medication. Many used utensils like soup spoons. These parents made more than twice as many mistakes as parents using milliliters. Milliliter prescriptions_________________syringes or dosing cups. A syringe with milliliter markings is an exact measure. Few parents have such devices. An expert said, “A kitchen spoon is less__________________There are no markings on it. They vary in size. You could way overdose.” Confusion between a teaspoon and a tablespoon is a common error. A tablespoon is three times___________________than a teaspoon. An overdose could result. Under dosing is also common. This could lead to the need for stronger medicines when the child does not recover.

    Options :-

    1. recommending, accurate, use, precise, larger
    2. advocate, precisely, inject, use, better
    3. asking, correct, operate, define, useful
    4. demanding, faultless, take, effective, superior
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