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    A TDS meter is a tool used to measure ppm. Technically, you measure the TDS of water, and you measure it in ppm. However, most people just skip over TDS and use ppm for both terms. Sams Club Pharmacy #8299 301 Coit Rd Plano,TX 75075 (972) 519-0296. 6. START SEEDLINGS INDOORS. (Manual Version) Make Bubble Hash with a Mixer, Drill or by Hand-Mixing. A big plant will drink up all the water quickly, but with seedlings, you’re basically waiting for the growing medium to dry out by itself. While you’re waiting for the container to dry out, your cannabis roots are sitting in a wet environment and not getting much oxygen, slowing down their growth rates. Total Inspections: 13 Total IEP Inspections: 0 Note: Total inspections may be less than the sum of vehicle, driver, and hazmat inspections. Go to Inspections Help for further information. Inspections: Inspection Type Vehicle Driver Hazmat IEP Inspections 12 13 0 0 Out of Service 6 2 0 0 Out of Service % 50% 15.4% % 0% Nat’l Average % (2009- 2010) 20.72% 5.51% 4.50% N/A.

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