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    Cherry Wine (Feminized) These microorganisms feed on sugar and convert the energy source into alcohol. During this process, they create a nutrient-dense soup, which will provide your plant with many of the minerals they need for healthy growth. Sugar is also added to help pull nutrients and juices out of the plant material. This happens through the process called osmosis — the movement of solvent molecules from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration. If you just want to buy a kit, check out my website! I sell kits for $50 each (pick up only in the San Francisco Mission), and I’m dreaming of doing a Kickstarter for a version of this with LED lights to save power. Now what you are going to do is create a moist, warm, and consistent growing environment for your grafted plant. Spray the nutrient solution inside the zip lock bag and secure it around the branch you just grafted on. Ensure that the bag is not touching any of the branches or plant material. The purpose of this is to retain moisture and heat, therefore creating humidity. So the bag does not have to be entirely sealed, just enough to create this kind of microclimate. Remove the bag every day and reapply the spray before putting it back on, again ensuring that the bag doesn’t touch any of the leaves. How to prevent automatic plants from growing small due to a lack of substrate. 2. Kanibi CBD.

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