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     Matthew Wolf 

    Hello, I am in my second year of BBA. What are the various career paths I can pick after completion of BBA?

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     Mugeera Patel 

    1)Become a charted accountant
    2. While doing it get one or more certifications like CIMA, ACCA.
    3. Do PGDM/MBA
    4. Get some job experience.

    There are a lot of Options

    a. Investment Banking
    b. Financial Analyst
    c. Equity Research
    d. Stock Market Trading
    e. Corporate Finance Practice
    f. Data Analyst
    g. Start your own business.
    h. Travel.
    i. Give IBPS, Bank PO exams. Work in a bank.
    j. Join the Indian Armed Forces. Lookout for various recruitment drives.
    k. Get a LLB degree.
    l. Do a short term course like NCCMP, NCFM. Become a stock market investor.
    m. Learn one or more new languages. Strive for fluency and perfection in the chosen language/languages. Become a translator.
    n. Try for an IAS, IFS, IPS..

    The list is endless, your orientation is what matters.

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    There are many options you can look at after BBA.

    You can make a place for yourself in any industry as long as you market yourself correctly. Think of the skill sets and needs of the industry you are wanting to break into, how your previous experience fits in, and emphasize it! A BBA is a very versatile and desirable degree. I possess one as well and have gone from customer service manager, to mortgage broker, to University employee, to a position as a CFO/accountant (who needs to get back to work).

    Just remember, it is all about positioning yourself.

    Other options available to you is a very broad question. Do what you love. I have heard the saying ‘Your talent is your obligation’. Most people enjoy doing what they are good at. Look at what you have done in the past and enjoyed and take some hints from there.

    As for an MBA. Traditionally an MBA was obtained before you entered senior management, typically after working for 5-10 years in your profession. However, nowadays everybody and their dog has one. They are almost worthless!!

    Keep the chin up. You will find something!

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    Hi Rohit,

    This is a very good time to think about it. Since BBA is the first step for someone who is sincere for getting through a good MBA programme, so I guess it has laid few bases of your management education. I will try to recommend you few career options to the best of my knowledge.

    A BBA can get you in the basic level of many corporations and factories. You would be required to do back-end work and support services to your seniors. Also, you can easily get a job in sales in marketing department as management trainees.

    But joining in job as soon as you complete your BBA is not a very good option because you would soon hit the glass ceiling and would require an MBA to climb up the ladder. So, it’s a good choice to opt for an MBA course soon after the completion of BBA.

    Other than that, there are few more doors; you can prepare for

    Combined Defence Services Exam

    Civil Services Exam

    IBPS Exams, cracking all these exams will get you a job in public sector.

    And if your are more inclined towards immediate job, you can get a job in *Business Consultancies* and *Export Companies* with respectable salaries.

    Personal Advice – I strongly recommend you to go for MBA. Never settle for less when you can get better. Always try to broaden your horizons.

    Good Luck !

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