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     Manav Pundhir 

    Hello Sir,

    Recently I passed 10th and I confuse in taking subjects in 11th class. Can I take computer science with commerce in CBSE board? Please tell me the scope of computer science in future.



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     Rahul Singhania 

    CBSE provides an optional subject called IP (Informatics Practices) for Commerce stream students in their higher secondary classes. Under this subject students are practically and theoretically mentored about JAVA programming.

    But the problem is that if you want to study in any college that offers courses in Computer Science,you need to be from Science background.The best you can do with IP and Commerce is to pursue the traditional commerce courses after 12th while continuing to learn computer science from various online resources as well as various training institutes.

    All the best 🙂

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     Kishan Kamlesh 

    If you want to become an Computer Science engineer in the future I’d suggest you to take Maths+IP (CS) in your 11th.

    I’ve seen people take up that choice and it really benefits them in the long run as the first year of engineering is all about basics of programming (if you’re pursuing B.TECH under CSE) and people who take Maths+IP are already familiar with a lot of those concepts. So i believe it’s all about what you want to do in the future. If you want to take up accountancy I don’t believe IP will help you much. But nonetheless it’s a nice add-on skill to posses.

    Hope this helps!

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     Saksham . 

    Congratulations Manav for passing 10nth class.

    1. According to me, if you have a keen interest in computer and want to have your career in the domain of computer than don’t take commerce with IP. I will tell you the reasons.
    2. You will get restricted to short term diplomas which prohibits you from handsome packages.
    3. A large no. of courses asks students to have mathematics in their best five.
    4. In IP their will be more of java aspect.

    So you should take science with CS (Computer Science) because of following reasons :

    1. You will fulfill the eligibility criteria of various courses.
    2. Will have your career in computer as your domain which in turn going to offer you handsome packages.
    3. Will widen up your sphere of computer knowledge.

    Some additional information :-

    If you seriously pursue your career in computer than try to learn white hat hacking and cyber security it will provide you a little edge over others.

    Hope it helps

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     Ripunjoy Goswami 

    Yeah you can have them, if your college prefer that. I would rather prefer to go for science and take conputer to have the full advantage of the subject.

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     Mudit Nawani 

    The CBSE board provides IP as a subject for computer science, but one primary thing which you need to keep in mind is that even though computer science is a subject in demand you must try to have this subject along with Mathematics.

    So if you can have this combination of



    Business Studies



    and IP

    you will prove to be of great value to you and the future colleges you will pursue

    And if you can learn languages online like, C, C++, or R, this will also enhance your skills in the competitive world in colleges you will soon face

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