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     Asad yar Khan 

    Hi Harsh!


    Nothing is impossible with hard work. But keeping in mind that JEE Mains is not an nut easy to crack, you have to make sure the syllabus is covered by your study plan.  So you have to put in a lot of hard-work to achieve that target. You’ve to keep these tips in mind for JEE mains are.

    • Make a Study plan, and start implementing it as soon as possible
    • Focus more on your weak sections first
    • Take proper diet, do proper exercise and take a good sleep (Sound sleep promotes good health, and good health sets the stage for excellent results)

    Many people are of the view that it is very ough a job or even close to impossible to crack IIT JEE or JAM in 6months/3months/1.5. It is a test to test analytical ability. You have to work hard for 10–12hrs, including the time for self-study and attending classes every day.  Only then can you secure a good rank.

    If you are a laborious or brilliant student then you might do it within 3 months. But you have to work really hard, daily, for almost 14–15hrs. And

    And the probability is also very low.

    Some people believe Cracking IIT in less than 6 months is a myth.

    3 things to be implemented for improving your mathematical ability-

    1. Manage your time well-Strength and weakness are different for every individual. You should smartly plan how much time to allocate to each section (and each type of question) based on your strength and weakness. You should practice as much as mock tests as possible. For every practice test, you will see your time managing skills improving.
    2. You must give an equal importance to all sections. This approach will allow you to secure both the sectional cut-off and the overall cut-off.
    3. Use Formulas and Shortcuts-To avoid lengthy methods.


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     rahul sharma 


    Hello there,

    Mathematics is a deeply grasping subject, more you practice more you favor the game and more interest you gain in this field. You can work on these books and become an expert in mathematics

    Do not worry,every one face these types of problems in mathematics,You need to work on your weak areas.

    1. Read NCERT and practice all questions thoroughly,make a complete view on IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus 2018
    2. Go through RD Sharma, practice all similar type questions first so this will build your confidence and then practice conceptual questions
    3. Now RS Aggarwal and ML Khanna are strongly recommended books for mathematics
    4. After all you must solve previous year questions and sample papers

    All the best…


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