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    The Apothecarry Case might be the most dynamic cannabis humidor of the bunch. It comes with several accessories like rolling tray, accessory storage box, 3-chamber grinder, pre-roll storage tube, dabber, non-stick containers, and 4 glass jars. This is by far a more value-based cannabis humidor than the other 2 mention. While Cannador and Cannaseur boast high-end wood choices, precision manufacturing, and humidity control technology you’d expect from a high priced item. The Apothecarry Case makes little mention of materials and has a larger focus on the fact they are a full herb organization system on top of being a cannabis humidor. For those who aren’t interested in bragging to your stoner buddies about the sustainability of your cannabis humidor and rather have their money spent on multi-functional use, the Apothecarry Case might be the winner. [url=][/url] This is a great substitute for regular flour if you crave, cookies, breads, pie crusts, you name it, and have gluten-free restrictions and a taste for kushy goodness. This recipe makes 2 ½ cups at approximately 200 milligrams of THC per cup. Suggested strains include OG Kush or Bubba Kush for their dank, earthy notes. Bruce Banner’s fragrance is a pungent mix of diesel combined with floral, earthy, and sweet aromas. It has a sweet, fruity, strawberry flavour but you can taste those earthy Kush flavours in there too. [url=][/url] This is actually a detox drink from the same people who make QCarbo. But before you get concerned, this is a brand-new formulation and a completely different beast. Product Selection. Your access to this service has been limited. (HTTP response code 503) [url=][/url]

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