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    I have came to know avout about brain drain problem in India. What is it exactly?

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    Hi Sonal,

    First of all, I would like to appreciate you as you have drawn everybody’s attention to this problem which is faced by our country currently.

    Brain drain is the problem faced by “Developing country” like India, where studious, brilliant, talented, technical  people leave their country permanently for settlement in other country.

    It is known as Human Capital Flight.

    Highly qualified people immigrate to other countries for luxurious lifestyle and better opportunities. Developing countries like India, needs talent but migration leaves their native impoverished its progress.

    It is boom for developed countries and bane for developing countries .

    It is serious problem for developing country and its solution takes any developing countries to new extent.

    So, We all hope, India will overcome this problem t some extent at least.

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