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     Asad yar Khan 
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    Hi Harshita!

    For JEE Mains :

    • NCERT- JEE Mains is conducted by CBSE so it’s obvious that NCERT is the most important textbook and study material for any JEE aspirant.
    • H.C. Varma- It’s one of the best books for concept building and getting a good grasp on the topic. The only problem is most of the questions are subjective.
    • Modules- All the coaching classes have their own modules containing a lot of questions for practice, so they are necessary too.
    • Few students also find books like S.L. Loney, Solomon etc helpful but they are not as necessary as above.

    For JEE Advanced :

    • All the books mentioned for JEE Mains
    • Irodov: It’s has a different type of questions than those you come across in JEE but the thinking process involved in solving the problems is extremely helpful in competitive exams.
    • Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Krane: It’s a great book for theory, many times you may feel sleepy while reading it but it’s very good for conceptual clarity.

    Please note that your own handwritten notes are the most important, so keep them complete and neat so that you can refer to them. There are also a few more books available in the market. But the books mentioned above are really good and are enough for a good preparation!

    Hope that helps!

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     Harshita sharma 
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     I want to know which books should I prefer for JEE Main and Advanced?

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     Scholr Boy 
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    1. HC. Verma “Concept of Physics”- Vol 1 and Vol 2. (For Problems and theory revision)
    2. Resnick and Halliday “Principles of Physics” – Book 1 and 2 (Detailed Understanding of the relevant chapter along with some interesting problem which can be irrelevant)
    3. I.E Irodov “General Problems in Physics” (Extremely Advanced Level Problems)

    Organic Chemistry
    1. “Organic Chemistry”- Robert N. Boyd and Robert Thornton Morrison
    2. Wiley’s Solomon’s, Fryhle & Snyder- “Organic Chemistry” (Indian Edition by MS Chouhan)
    3. LG Wade- “Organic Chemistry”, 8th Edition
    4. MS Chauhan- “Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry for JEE”

    Physical Chemistry
    1. Ranjit Shahi- “Essential Physical Chemistry”
    2. Books from Cengage Publications
    Inorganic Chemistry
    1. Wiley’s J.D. Lee- “Concise Inorganic Chemistry” (Indian Edition by Sudarshan Guha)

    1. “Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics”- A. Das Gupta
    2. SL Looney for Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry
    3. Books from Cengage Publications

    Use Scholr for Exam Preparation and solving your doubts

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