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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    I’m a PCMB student with additional physical education. What if I get absent on the math’s board exam?

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     Shraddha Goel 

    Hello. If you absent yourself from any board examination, then you will not be able to pass class 12th and henec will have to give the exam next year. This will lead to a year loss. You cannot do graduation unless you have passed higher secondary school.

    So please write the exam and obtain a minimum of passing percentage.

    All the best. 🙂

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     Olivia Das 


    Being absent in any of the exams is going to cost you a whole 1 year!

    Dont miss the exam and try to obtain a passing marks to the least! 🙂

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     Siddharth Jaiswal 

    Hey Ruckika,

    Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects for Class 12 Board examinations. If you, by any mishap, miss the examination then you will have to repeat the exam by appearing for a supplementary paper(CBSE) and to save a year you will have to pass in the exam. Otherwise you will have to repeat your class 12 board examinations once again next year.

    All the best!

    Hope this helped!

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     Gaurav Jalan 


    As you have PCMB with physica leducation as additional subject so the basic requirement is to pass in 5 major subjects as most of the colleges accounts only 5 subjects in admission. It is upto you if you wish to skip maths examination, in that case you need to perform well in your  additional subject. But there is a disadvantage if you skip your maths paper that you will face a huge problem while seeking admission in engineering and even you may not get admission, so it is my advice that don’t miss any exam and put up your best in every way possible.

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    Firstly I’d like to emphasize that not appearing a (compulsory )subject in exam is going to land you in trouble sooner or later. If you don’t appear maths exam, you will have to appear for the supplementary exam held a couple of months after the boards or you’ll be repeating one year again. Further it will create problems for your admission to engineering colleges and maybe aswell for pursuing any science subject in graduation . But first check if maths is in your compulsory subjects list. I had PCM and Physical Education as sixth optional. Due to serious health reasons I couldn’t appear my 5th optional- Computer Science but I passed finally as I had appeared the required 5 other subjects and not missed any compulsory subject. So my advice is, don’t miss the paper and try to secure minimum passing marks. If you have further doubts you can confirm it by calling the CBSE the way I had.

    All the best for your boards and future endeavors.
    Thank you.

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