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    Who has the best lectures for IIT JEE/Advanced? What’s the review of Pradeep Sir, Byjus and Career Launcher?


    Also I am looking for IIT coaching in Delhi or Kota, which is the best option?

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     Olivia Das 

    Byjus is not much renowned and Career launcher is famous for its MBA coaching.

    Well discussing about Delhi or Kota.

    Well KOTA would obviously be my choice if i were to choose between both.

    • As you already must be knowing, “Kota is the hub of IITJEE coaching!”. The place has become a base for students (mostly all competent enough). the scope for distraction there is reduced like anything because when you are surrounded between highly focused, like goal-ed people, you tend to concentrate more on the goal.
    • It is cheaper than Delhi.
    • Accommodation facility in Kota is very good, as it concentrates on students comfort.
    • Good competitive environment over there!

    The only drawback is, 90-100 students sitting in the same class!

    If thats not a problem for you, then pack your bags and head towards Kota ASAP! 😉

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     Shraddha Goel 

    I suggest you remain in Delhi if you are a resident here, as it will offer you a great studying environment. Go to Vidya Mandir Classes and you will get very good guidance.

    VMC plus your effort will surely help you achieve the right score to land you in your dream college.

    Byjus and career launcher are not that famous for IIT-JEE as they are for MBA and BBA coaching.

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