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     Matthew Wolf 


    I’m in my first year of engineering and a few of my seniors have told me how doing internships has made them learn and explore a lot about their respective fields, helped them acquire and build new skills and several of them even received a good stipend (which is pretty useful when you are a student). What are some good and reliable websites where I might come across such internships as well?

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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Ashwin,

    They were right about how useful internships can be. You’re exposed to the practical application of all the knowledge you gain in college and you can explore and pick up new skills that could guide you in the direction of a new career path within or outside your field of study.

    You can find these internships  through college, family and friends or through reliable websites such as Internshala.

    Check out this article on some of the best internship websites available:

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    Hey Ashwin!

    Its encouraging to see you trying to score internships so early in your engineering education. There are a lot of websites where you can get hold of some amazing internships along with a healthy stipend. But before you start looking for internships you should take care about a few things-

    1. You should introspect and note down your current skillset and how relevant it is for any kind of internship. Eg- If you like making webpages and are competent in HTML/CSS, you should look for front end web development internships.
    2. You should search for internships which are not just related to your interest but also are related to your stream. Only then will you be able to learn something.
    3. You should make sure whether you want to pursue internships virtually or on-site. Both have their own pros and cons. But I would suggest you to try to get hold on an onsite internship as it is an experience in itself.

    Now I’ll list out some websites in order of the quality of internships and the response frequency of the companies listed-

    1. Internshala-
    2. Twenty19-
    3. LetsIntern-
    4. LetMeKnow-

    Hope this was of help!

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    Hey there!

    Internships are a great way to improve your skills as well as learn new qualities which adds a great boost to your CV along with a good amount of stipend .There are some really great internship websites over the internet. Some of the best ones are,

    1. Internshala-
    2.  Let’s Intern-
    3. Twenty19-

    All the best!



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