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    Hello likitha

    It is great to hear from you that you are greatly interested in studies and has a target of getting MBA. As you have mentioned there are several books available in market are written my several professionals and has been published by several publishers all around the world. Based on my personal opinion the best books which you can go through for your Gmat preparation will be the book which is titled as “The official guide for GMAT” which are available in the popular shopping sites such as amazon, ebay,flipkart. or else you can get it by any other retailer shops present around you. apart from this book other published popular books as “GMAT critical reasoning”,”GMAT advanced quant” are available. In the part of improving your vocabulary the book such as “GMAT verbal workbook” is very much helpful. Make sure that you will try and keep your complete efforts in this work no matter how many attempts you have to go through. Be perfect in the topics such as assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English

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     Rakesh varma 


    Myself likitha from Delhi, I’m very passionate about studies and has a target of doing MBA . so to achieve this I’m preparing for the gmat exam from the institute and working really hard to achieve my goal. But I’m just getting confused that in the present market where there are several book available which are written my several writers and has been published by several publishers which will be a better option for me and which will guide me in reaching my target conveniently and perfectly

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