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    best fans of 2021: The best cooling fans for your home

    As temperatures soar and Americans are encouraged to stay at home or must do so if their offices or workplaces are still closed, there’s one thing on many minds: how to beat the heat. Whether you don’t have access to a robust air conditioning unit, are looking to keep AC costs low or are in need of something that can move with you, it may be time to enlist the help of a new fan. Although the types and styles of fans differ, a fan’s main function is simple when it’s aimed at us humans: help blow away hot air in our immediate vicinity, in turn enabling our sweat — which traps heat — to evaporate from the surface of our skin. “When our internal temperature is higher than the air around us, heat is transferred to the surrounding air, so that temperature may actually feel even hotter than what the number of the degrees on the thermometer reads,” explained Sabina Rebis, MD, internal medicine provider at Yale New Haven Health. “Fans allow air to carry that heat off, effectively cooling you off.”Get more news about <b>Stand Fan</b>,you can vist our website!

    So if you’re in need of some extra cooling off, a new fan is likely worth the investment. “They come in a variety of styles to accommodate almost any situation, whether you’re out and about or sitting at home or in the office,” said Carl Prouty, tech expert at Abt Electronics. “They’re much quieter than window or wall air conditioners and they use far less energy so their operating costs are much lower.” And there are really lots of options when it comes to fans, from simple and compact models to elevated fans with built-in air purifiers and smart home features.

    If your utility bill is out of line with your expectations, different styles of fans can help reduce that cost while keeping you comfortable and cool. “Fans are one of the few tools you have to make your life more comfortable, both economically and instantly,” said Ward Schraeder of HGTV’s Bargain Mansions.

    Ceiling fans are permanently installed on a room’s ceiling. They move air around, keeping rooms cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter by reversing airflow — some models also incorporate lights.
    Tower fans or floor fans are portable units that can be placed in different rooms and are tall, as well as narrow. “When I want a fan blowing directly on me, such as when I’m working in my shop, I opt for a floor fan,” said Schraeder.
    Window fans also offer localized airflow but can be inserted into certain window frames and utilize outdoor air to cool a room more so than a traditional fan would, depending on the temperature. However, these fans need to be removed when it gets cold out and can cause leaks when it rains.
    Table fans or desk fans are standard, personal fans that sit on a desk or table. They typically stand about 2 feet high. “This fan is great to have at eye level, can be bought at an affordable price and is a standard way of cooling you while sitting at a desk, lying in bed or even sitting on a couch,” noted Brandi Andrews, founder of National Air Warehouse.
    Stand-up fans, also known as pedestal fans, are similar to table fans but stand on the ground, are typically larger and can throw off more cold air while still being portable. The benefit to this fan is you can take the cool air with you from one room to the next and enjoy an ever-revolving breeze from a large fan, Andrews explained.
    Handheld fans will not cool as much as a table fan, but they are cordless and can be directed wherever you’d like. They fit into your hand as well as your pocket. “Take the cool air with you out of the house and on a walk,” Andrew added, “and you can purchase them for an affordable price.”
    Table fans and stand-up fans are usually needed when a space doesn’t have air conditioning or a central air system. “They would go great in a home that uses only ceiling fans, has windows open often and just needs air to be circulated,” explained Schraeder. On the other hand, handheld fans are ideal for travelers, those who work outside or those who simply enjoy cool air while on the move.

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